Van Morrison Tour 2022

Van Morrison Tour 2022! Van Morrison, OBE, (born August 31st 1945), aka. George Ivan Morrison, is an Irish singer songwriter who plays a wide variety of genres including rock, blues, jazz, and gospel, and his known for his transcendental live performances.

Van Morrison, or known affectionately to his fans as Van The Man, has been performing professionally since his childhood, and rose to fame as a young teenager who was revered for his multi-instrumental skills. Starting out his solo carer as the front man of the Irish R&B band Them, they recorded the classic track Gloria, before Morrison broke away from the group to pursue his solo career.

Van Morrison Tour 2022

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    The single Brown Eyed Girl was Morrison’s first hit single, and immediately he found himself surrounded by fans. Since then, he has achieved an astounding amount of recognition and awards, including several Grammy Awards, and the Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music.

    Over the years, Van Morrison hasn’t slowed in his performances, and up until the mid 00s, he was performing regularly, often twice or three times every week. In 2012, he released his 34th studio album “Born to Sing: No Plan B” with Blue Note records and received much critical acclaim. As well as his musical creations, Morrison is an incredible lyricist, and a selection of his work from over the last 50 years was published into a book entitled “Lit Up Inside”. Still performing at prestigious and personal events, Van Morrison is an incredibly talented musician who has had colossal success over his career.

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