Toto Tour 2022

Toto Tour 2022 : Formed in Van Nuys, Greater Los Angeles, USA, Toto are a critically acclaimed, six piece rock band known for their eclectic blend of influences to create a unique style of music.

Toto started life in 1977, when a group of session musicians decided to form their own band to play original music of their own. The lineup has changed over the years but currently the band features Steve Lukather on guitar and vocals, Joseph Williams as lead vocalist, David Paich on keyboards and vocals, Steve Porcaro on keyboards, Keith Carlock on drums and bass player David Hungate replacing Mike Porcaro due to illness.

Toto Tour 2022

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    Toto’s anthemic arena rock has been pleasing fans worldwide for over three decades, with the band releasing a total of 17 albums and selling over 35 million records. Their 1982 album “Toto IV” became their most commercially successful release, featuring the top five hits “Hold The Line,” “Rosanna” and perhaps their best known song “Africa.” The main keyboard riff of “Africa” is instantly recognisable and is a classic song of the 80s. What makes Toto’s music so successful is their wide-ranging influences, incorporating world rhythms, progressive rock, soul and jazz into their melting pot. “Toto IV” earned the band seven Grammy Awards, which included Record of the Year for “Rosanna,” as well as Album of the Year and Producer of the Year for the record.

    Toto continued to have a prolific output yet did not achieve the same levee of success as with “Toto IV.” In 2002, to celebrate their 25th anniversary, the band released “Through the Looking Glass”, an album of covers that was a tribute to the music that influenced the band, featuring covers of songs by Bob Marley, Steely Dan and George Harrison. The band struggled with lineup changes throughout the later stage of their career. In 2008, following David Paich’s retirement and Mike Porcaro’s illness, Steve Lukather called an end to Toto, citing the loss of many of the original members as reasons for this. But in 2010, in order to raise money to support Porcaro through his medical costs, the band reunited for several further tours and also talk of a new album in the works.

    Toto were one of the most successful bands of the 80s and their music continues to define the sound of the decade. In 2009, the band were inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame in 2009, cementing their reputation.

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