Tim McGraw Tour 2022

Tim McGraw Tour 2022: Country superstar Tim McGraw is going back on tour in 2022 with a greatest-hits show that no fan will want to miss — and thanks to this website, you won’t have to!  Not only will we have great tickets listed for every show, but we’ll have them at every price point, too.  And because we’ll continuously update this page to reflect the iconic singer-songwriter’s latest schedule updates, we’ll always be worth a look whenever you’re hoping to catch him live on tour!

Tim McGraw Tour 2022
Tim McGraw Tour 2022

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     The couple is still on the road. That’s right, Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill are finshing up their final weeks of the SoultoSoul Tour. However, being away from home does not stop them from bringing their sense of home with them. This past week their daughter, Maggie, celebrated her nineteenth birthday. Them not being home did not keep them from keeping her in mind and vocalizing that over social media. Both Faith and Tim made posts on instagram for and about her. They both expressed their love for her adventrous spirit and curious soul. As much as this couple loves performing together, one can see their longing to be with their family again as well. No wonder their music has so much depth and heart to it! Don’t miss out on their last weeks performing together though! Go to now and find the best tickets for the best prices. 

    Forty. That’s how many shows Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have performed on their Soul2Soul tour fans, crazy! They are exactly half way through it, forty more to go. They have definitely had quite an amazing first half of the tour so far and much to be proud of. They have sold over 800,000 tickets already! What a huge success this power couple is ringing in, however they are quite humble about it. Tim himself claims that this success cannot only be credited by them alone, he also gives equal credit to the fans. He shares in an interview that ” what really lights everything up is when that audience’s energy gets in there”. This energy is what takes what they plan  and knock it up ten levels to be an overall phenomenal experience. There still is a lot of time left to see this all in action! Don’t wait around, there’s only forty shows left to go. Go to now and find the best prices for the best seats for a show near you!

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