The Black Keys Tour 2022

THE BLACK KEYS TOUR 2022 – The Black Keys have released eight studio albums since 2002 with each album doing better than the last on the US Billboard charts. The band’s most recent album, “Turn Blue” reached the number one spot in the US and was a top five album in almost every other country.

The Black Keys Tour 2022 : The Black Keys are an American blues rock band formed in Ohio in 2001. Band members, and childhood friends, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney self-produced their tracks until making the big time in 2010.



    The band’s musical prowess has been recognised and celebrated with a staggering seven Grammy Awards, four of which were won in 2013 for the album “El Camino”. The Black Keys claim that legendary bands such as The Beatles, T. Rex and The Clash influenced the album.

    Extensively touring and promoting their own work in small venues throughout the US and Europe in the early years, it wasn’t until 2011 that The Black Keys were given the chance to complete an arena tour to support “El Camino”. While old hands at the touring lifestyle, the band was forced to pull out of many Australian, New Zealand and European dates for their “El Camino” tour due to exhaustion and their overwhelming schedule.

    Despite the cancellation of these gigs, the band did not rest on their laurels and instead set about getting to work on their next album, ”Turn Blue”. The Black Keys have stated that they prefer to be working on and releasing new music and albums rather than constantly pushing their older material.

    The band’s most popular single to date is “Lonely Boy” which went platinum in the US, Canada and Australia. Other hits have included the singles “Tighten Up” and “Gold on the Ceiling”. No strangers to hard work, it goes without saying that The Black Keys will have many more hit singles in their future and will continue to cultivate and expand upon the loyal fan base they already have.

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