Slipknot Tour 2022

Slipknot Tour 2022: Slipknot is an American heavy metal band from Des Moines, Iowa formed in 1995 by Shawn Crahan and Paul Gray. The band is well known for their elaborate masks and jumpsuits, which accompany their aggressively energetic shows.

Slipknot Tour 2022

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    Slipknot was formed in 1995 by local Des Moines musicians Shawn Crahan and Paul Gray. The pair brought on other local musicians and started to experiment with their sound. After self-financing their debut album “Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.” in 1996 and failing to pick up any major attention, Slipknot changed musical direction and added melodic vocals to their music. The band also went through many line up changes before settling on the core nine members of the group: Sid Wilson, Joey Jordison, Paul Gray, Chris Fehn, Jim Root, Craig Jones, Shawn Crahan, Mick Thomson, and Corey Taylor.

    This new musical style and strong set of band members attracted the attention of Roadrunner Records who signed the band for a seven-album deal. The band’s first album on the label, “Slipknot”, was released in 1999 and did favourably on the US album charts for a first album. Nonetheless, the album went on to eventually be certified platinum after the band’s extensive touring schedule picked up hoards of fans between 1999 and 2000.

    This large fan-base proved vital with the release of the band’s second album, “Iowa” in 2001, which shot to number one in the UK album charts and hit number three in the US.

    Slipknot’s popularity and mainstream success has earned the band recognition from multiple awarding bodies such as the Kerrang! Awards and even the Grammy Awards after the band’s 2005 single “Before I Forget” from their album “Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)” won them an award for Best Metal Performance.

    Inspired by the likes of Black Sabbath, Metallica and Led Zeppelin, the band has put its own chaotic stamp on the genre of nu metal. Slipknot is a band that is prepared to constantly experiment and evolve, and their fans love them because of this.

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