Silverstein Tour 2022

Silverstein Tour 2022: After the formation of the band in 2000, they worked through a number of line up changes before settling on a unit that they were content and confident with as a band. This happened to include an early fan who found their advertisement for a bass guitarist on an internet message board. By 2002 the band had signed to Victory Records and worked out a complete line up. Silverstein take influence from Green Day, The Promise Ring, Orchid, Gorilla Biscuits and more.

Silverstein Tour 2022

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    Silverstein has their sound down to a formula. There is little fluctuation in their 10 + year spanning career, but that is okay. They know where their strong suits lie and have perfected it to the nth degree. That’s not to say they have fallen into complacency. Rather they have developed a confidence and intimate understanding of the direction they want to take. Listening to their first album “When Broken Is Easily Fixed” to their latest “This is How the Wind Shifts” it is easy to detect that much of their ethos and style remains in tact; however a leap in production and overall “tightness” as a band can just as easily be detected.

    They are group known for their work ethic and have frequented the touring circuit since their formation. This is apparent in the professionalism and precision of their live shows. It is amazing to see the band at work. Their coordination is unmatched as well as the amount of emotional output they invest in their performance.

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