Sabaton Tour 2022

Sabaton Tour 2022 : Sabaton is a Power Metal band from Falun, Sweden that have a strong lyrical fixation on war history and the nature of battle. Though the group formed in 1999, it was not until the mid 2000s that the group broke out of their cult status to reach a wider audience.

Sabaton Tour 2022

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    Though the band did not put out their debut album until 2005 they began recording as early as 1999. Sabaton’s recording sessions took place in The Abyss studio where noteworthy doom metal bands like Children of Bodom, Overkill and, Dispatched have recorded. The band’s recordings attracted a couple of record labels, one of them being the Italian label, Underground Symphony. This label issued the band’s first commercially distributed album, which was the 1999-2000 compilation, “Fist for Fight”. The album was largely seen as a promotional tool as it was released with the intent to get people excited about the band’s upcoming albums.

    Sabaton’s first official LP was supposed to be their 2002 recorded album “[[]]”; however, it was shelved for 2 years and eventually discarded. The band finally put out their second album and first commercially released LP entitled “Primo Victoria”. The band signed on with the label Black Lodge for this release and would go on to put out their next album “Attero Dominatus” through this label. At this time the group recruited keyboardist Daniel Myhr for the band. This allowed the group’s previous keyboardist/singer, Joakin Broden, to take full reign over vocals.

    In 2007 Sabaton released “Metalizer”, which was an accumulation of their early demo recordings and their previously unearthed debut album. The band’s follow up record was based on the book “The Art of War” by the Chinese military leader Sun Tzu. The group was increasingly getting more recognition and by 2009 they were playing festivals such as Atlanta’s ProgPowerUSA and Bloodstock ’09 in Derby. They also toured throughout Europe during this time, which included a 18 show stint in the UK supporting DragonForce. The band’s next album “Coat of Arms” came out on 2 October 2010 and peaked at No. 2 on the Swedish Albums Chart. It’s lyrics were heavily inspired by World War II and its closing track “Metal Ripper” was an instrumental piece paying tribute to a long list of the band’s musical influences.

    The band experienced a crucial line-up change in 2012, with four members leaving, making singer Broden and bass player Sundström the only remaining members. The newly comprised band released “Carolus Rex” in 2012 and went on a large scale North American tour in the Spring of 2014.

    Shortly afterwards Sabaton put out their commercially successful album “Heroes”, which debuted at No.1 on the Swedish Album Charts. The group has built a substantive reputation for themselves in the metal community, particularly one in their homeland in which they host their own festival. In addition to touring extensively around the globe the band also has an annual cruise called ‘Sabaton Cruise’ that embarks every November.

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