Romeo Santos Tour 2022

Romeo Santos Tour 2022 : Romeo Santos, actually named Anthony Santos, was born in July 1981. He is an American born in New York but actually sings in Spanish.

Romeo, Romeo where for art thou Romeo? Well ladies, Romeo is right here, but his actual name is Anthony….But don’t let that put you off ladies, he is a beautiful multi-talented specimen.

Romeo Santos Tour 2022


    The young American-Latin tongued devil is still finding his music loved by millions globally leaving him to touring extensively year upon year. He has been producing work since 2006 but actually only has two albums out under his name. Technically 3 if you include his live album. Not many artists or bands can say they have live albums under their belt but Romeo is someone who can. His soft Latino voice is pitch perfect live and he is renowned for his live shows. Wowing crowds and making girls faint at his feet. His live album was even recorded at the notorious Madison Square Garden in 2012.

    He has work alongside pop sensations including Usher, Nicki Minaj and even Kevin Hart. Plus he has appeared in ‘Fast and Furious 7’ which features Hollywood top dogs Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock and Mr Vin Diesel.

    His latest album Formula volume 2 is the best selling Latin album of this year, undoubtedly. It looks like it will hold that title too, leaving Romeo proudly standing at the top of the Latin tree.

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