Marco Antonio Solis Tour 2022 : Marco Antonio Solís (born December 29, 1959) is a profoundly influential Mexican singer-songwriter and musician hailing from Ario de Rosales, Michoacan, Mexico.

Marco Antonio Solis Tour 2022


    Wasting little time in his pursuit for music, Solís formed his first group, Los Hermanitos Solís, alongside brother Joel aged 12. By the early ’70s Los Hermanitos Solís disbanded and the young singer-songwriter formed Los Bukis and began playing traditional Mexican music in the styles of tejano and norteño. In the subsequent 20 years, Los Bukis would prove to be one of the most influential Mexican bands on tejano and norteño music, releasing 16 studio albums and countless hit singles. After contributing lyrics and production to popular singers including Marisela and Rocíoa Dúrcal, and following 20 years of Los Bukis, in 1975 Solís decided to pursue a solo career.

    By 1999 Solís had released four platinum-selling albums “Quiereme”, “Inalcanzable”, “Por Amor a Mi Pueblo”, and “Trozos de Mi Alma”, and had solidified his reputation as a revered Latin American artist. In 2001 the reflective and sentimental “Mas de Mi Alma” was issued by Solís and once again became a best-seller supported by the singles “Cuando Te Acuerdes de Mi” and “Si No Te Hubieras Ido”. As the new millennium stretched out, the singer released a series of well-received albums including 2003’s “Tu Amor o Tu Desprecio”, the best-of “La Historia Continúa…”, the split release with Joan Sebastían “Dos Grandes”, and 2004’s “Razon de Sobra”.

    Solís subsequently released the second part to “La Historia Continúa…” in 2005, the Grammy-nominated “Trozos de Mi Alma, Vol. 2” in 2006, the live album “Noche en Madrid” in 2008, and his eighth studio album “No Molestar” also in 2008. All albums of which topped the Billboard Latin Albums charts, and after a modest break from recording and touring, Solís was back to release his tenth consecutive Latin Album Chart No. 1, “En Total Plenitud” in 2010. The album “Gracias por Estar Aquí” appeared in April 2014, laden with Latin Grammy nominations for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album and Best Regional Song for “De Mil Amores”.

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