Hanson Tour 2022

Hanson Tour 2022: After years of honing their skills around the dinner table, singing the likes of Jackson 5, Chuck Berry and other staples of rock, R&B and gospel, the Hanson brothers made their debut performance at the 1992 Mayfest Arts Festival in Tulsa. Shortly after a performance at South By Southwest, Hanson impressed music attorney Christopher Sabec enough for him to become their manager and in waiting for a label contract, released the pop-infused full-length “Boomerang” in 1995. After the release the brothers began playing their own instruments, which radically improved the band’s songwriting and led to Hanson appealing to a wider, hipper audience. The independent album “MMMBop” followed in 1996, featuring a number of songs which found their way onto Hanson’s label debut “Middle of Nowhere”.

Hanson Tour 2022

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    Hanson. You’d be forgiven for thinking of them purely as the 1997 long-haired, Oklahoma teeny boppers responsible for the chart topping “Mmmbop”. Of course, you’d be wrong…

    Since those heady Smash Hits days, the trio have developed a much more diverse sound. Taking elements from folk, soul, rock and pop, they combine these with their signature 3 part harmony to produce a range of catchy tunes. Now with a six album back catalogue, all penned by the band, there is a lot of material to cover in a live show. However, Hanson is careful to select songs from each release, including an updated version of the aforementioned Mmmbop, to create a perfect balance of ballads, anthems and groove along hits.

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