Don McLean Tour 2022

Don McLean Tour 2022: McLean developed a keen interest in music at a very young age, and purchased his first guitar aged 16 which he liked to play in front of friends and family. After graduating from school, and making a number of contacts in the industry, the singer honed his skills playing live for six or so years in various clubs across New York, U.S., Los Angeles, U.S. and Washington D.C.

Don McLean Tour 2022

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    And the award for least likely career resuscitation goes to Don McLean! One of the more decent things to come from the very, very premature rise to fame of Jake Bugg is his namedropping of the highly influential, yet sorely underrated New York singer songwriter. Bugg claims that the first song he ever liked was McLean’s Vincent and hearing it on an episode of The Simpsons was what got him into music. It’s lofty praise indeed and richly deserved, especially because many artists deserve to have their back catalogue’s appreciated more than the one hit they’re known for, however McLean is still one of the alpha examples. Credit where credit’s due, if you’re going to be known for one song in particular, then it might as well be something as truly unique as American Pie. A near ten minute examination of American culture and pop music’s place in it in the wake of the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper, it’s as high art as anything that’s ever been in the pop charts. However, there’s still so much more to discover about McLean’s music and the best way of doing so is by catching him live. He’s the kind of consummate showman that only 45 years of experience in show business can create, effortlessly creating a warm, inclusive atmosphere that never tries to overshadow his iconic songs. As he approaches 70 the man is still performing live, and it’s only a matter of time before he hits your shores. So if discovering music from before you were born is your bag, or if you were there the first time around and what to relive it, you can’t go wrong with Don McLean.

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