Dido Tour 2022

Dido Tour 2022: Dido first came to my attention after legendary rapper Eminem used the hook and lyrics of her track ‘Thank You’ for his own track ‘Stan’ in 2000. This was great publicity for her, as at the time Eminem was arguably one of the most talked about and popular artists. After buying her first album ‘No Angel’ I became a fan and have followed her music since. I last saw her perform at the Brixton Academy in 2013, a great venue. It was very dark with just a moderate light shinning onto the stage. She entered to an ovation and with the help of her band she was able to bring her songs to life.

Dido Tour 2022

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    There is no doubt how ‘singable’ her songs are, throughout the gig the audience sang every word. The audience breaking into full song during chorus to ‘Thank You’ was a wonderful moment. One that brought a smile to everybody. She performed hit after hit, songs such as White Flag, Hunter, Life For Rent, Here With Me and Don’t Leave Home continually had the audience singing and smiling.

    This for me was a great example of a feel good gig. Her songs lack the punch to get people dancing but the audience were jovial as they swayed and sang along to every word.

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