Death Angel Tour 2022

Death Angel Tour 2022: The roots of Death Angel can be traced to California and a quartet of cousins, Rob Cavestany, Dennis Pepa , Gus Pepa and Andy Galeon who formed the original line up yet they were known by many other pseudonyms including Dark Fury and Cavestany before eventually deciding on Death Angel. Their first album ‘The Ultra-Violence’ was released in 1987 after experimenting with different variations of traditional metal. The album was released through Enigma Records, it failed to chart yet it was hailed as a cult success by the band’s early fan base.

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    The Californian thrash metal band have had several stints of music production fame over the years, and have released several studio albums over the years. Death Angel are the kind of band that I wasn’t particularly interested in listening to until I saw them perform live. I was dragged along to a concert with a friend, and absolutely loved every moment. The instrumental talent that the band in incredibly high, and their musical solos demonstrated the complexity of their individual parts. Many people are inclined to think that the vocals in metal bands are simply shouting, but it is a highly difficult skill, and their front man, Mark Osegueda has it absolutely nailed.

    Although their line up has changed quite a lot over the years, the band are incredibly strong and work together really well. They bounce their energy off of each other, and are constantly head banging throughout their sets, encouraging the audience to do the same. They played through their newest album The Dream Calls For Blood, as well as revisiting some of their older material, which seemed to please the long time fans.

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