David Sanborn Tour 2022

David Sanborn Tour 2022:David Sanborn concert tickets are on sale. You can find the list of David Sanborn 2022 tour dates on this site.

David Sanborn is a saxophonist hailing from Tampa, Florida, United States who was born on July 30th 1945. Since his debut in 1959 he has become one of the most commercially succesful jazz musicians of all time, with 24 albums to his name.


    A lot of artists say that music saved their life, and a lot of the time they’re being melodramatic about it. David Sanborn is a man who can mean it in the most literal sense possible, since he suffered from polio for eight years as a child. His doctor recommended taking up the saxophone as a way of strengthening his chest muscles and controlling his breathing, and the young Sanborn took to it in a way that nobody could predict. Soon after he took the instrument up he was practising for the sake of playing rather than for any medical reason, and by the age of 14 he was performing live alongside blues legends like Albert King at local Florida clubs. He continued playing all throughout his teenage years before studying the saxophone at the University of Iowa under the tuition of jazz legend J.R. Monterose.

    He began his professional career at the age of 22, at first continuing to play the blues, but as he began to work as a session musician he found that to stay in demand he had to be able to play as many styles as possible. For the rest of the 1970’s he worked with everyone from James Brown to Bruce Springsteen, from Stevie Wonder to Carly Simon, and by 1975, he’d made enough of a name for himself to begin his own solo career, releasing his debut album “Taking Off”, that year. He continued to enjoy a steady career as a session player until the early 80’s when his solo career really took off. His 1981 effort “Voyeur” yielded the Grammy Award winning track “All I Need Is You” and his 1986 effort “Double Vision” and 1988’s “Close Up” received awards as well. He remains one of jazz music’s most prolific collaborators and continues to record and tour to this day, and for that, he comes highly recommended.

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