Dave Matthews Band Tour 2022

Dave Matthews Band Tour 2022:Dave Matthews Band concert tickets are on sale. You can find the list of Dave Matthews Band 2022 tour dates on this site.

Dave Matthews Band (DMB) are an American rock and jazz band, who formed in Charlottesville, Virginia, America in 1991. The band has had numerous band members, playing a variety of jazz instruments.

The band consists of, founder of the band, singer-songwriter and guitarist Dave Matthews, bass guitarist Stefan Lessard, drummer, Carter Beauford and saxophonist Jeff Coffin.

However, the band is ever growing and later Boyd Tinsley joined as a violinist, with Rashawn Ross and Tim Reynolds also becoming full-time touring members of Dave Matthews Band.

Dave Matthews Band’s first public performance was in 1991 was on a rooftop warehouse in Charlottesville, America.

Interestingly, the name of the band comes after the members simply could not decide on a suitable name.


    DMB finally released their first EP, named Recently, in 1994. The album consisted of five records which were taken from their shows which they had performed at venue, The Birchmere, in Alexandria, Virginia.

    Later that year the band went on to successfully release their second album, named creatively to match their style of music, “Under the Table and Dreaming”. The band made the album in tribute to Matthews’s sister and dedicated it in memory of her after she was killed by her husband that year.

    The band have gone to record a further seven studio albums with great success. They established their own charity BAMA Works Fund which is claimed to have raised over eight and a half million dollars to disadvantaged youths, the disabled, environmental charitites, and arts and humanities appeals in the city of Charlottesville, Virginia.

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