Dashboard Confessional Tour 2022

Dashboard Confessional Tour 2022: Dashboard Confessional was originally conceived as a solo side project of musician Chris Carrabba. The singer’s debut output, 2000’s “The Swiss Army Romance” was released whilst Carrabba was still a member of Further Seems Forever, however after their debut “The Moon Is Down”, the singer left the group to focus on Dashboard Confessional. In 2001 the sophomore album “The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most” was issued by Vagrant Records, and marked the arrival of a band in support of Carrabba. Now a group, with Chris Carrabba at its introspective core, Dashboard Confessional gripped the emo genre by the scruff of its neck and shook it back to life.

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    The boy(s) are back at it again. 6 years after their last record, Chris Carrabba and the gang are back on the road playing all your favorite songs. The show in Minneapolis was a unique one for this tour as it was a smaller venue with a early curfew that led to all acts needing to remove songs from their sets. This meant that Chris did not perform a “Back to You” from one of his other bands, Twin Forks. Chris was high energy despite a voice that was self-explained as a bit stressed. Chris was smiling the whole time and had a good give and take with the audience. From playing on his back to standing on top of the piano, he demanded the audience’s attention. Dashboard has no new material, so all the songs were known to the over 1500 fans in attendance.

    Comedic Highlight: – Chris explaining to one of his sound techs that the piano “had a lot of wrong notes in it” as he fumbled his way through one track.

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