Dada Life Tour 2022

Dada Life Tour 2022 : Dada Life concert tickets are on sale. You can find the list of Dada Life 2022 tour dates on this site.Dada Life are an electro house/EDM duo hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, known for inflecting their bombastic beats with pop sensibilities and a generous slab of humor and wit.

The duo, Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom, began releasing music in 2006, putting forth their electro sounds combined with the artistic aesthetic of 1920s Dadaism. Their songs often have absurd titles such as “Bass Don’t Cry” and “Never Bring Your Brain to a Rave” or “The Great Smorgasbord,” alluding to their love of processed meats which they brought to the fore later in their career. Their upbeat, light hearted brand of EDM was always a crowd pleaser, filling dance floors across Europe.

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    Their debut album was released in 2009, titled “Just Do The Dada,” released on Hussle, fearing the hit tracks “Don’t Snort the Yellow Snow” and “So You Wanna Be a Prankster.”

    Following this release, Dada Life began touring Europe extensively, offering fans a live show that was full of frenetic energy, with inflatables flying through the crowd.The pair are often seen brandishing champagne and bananas, becoming their signature joke, often asking for these two items in their tour rider. In 2010, they toured with Tiësto and collaborated with Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and Tara McDonald for the track “Tomorrow (Give in to the night).”Their biggest show was to be a headline slot at the Electric Daisy Festival in Los Angeles in 2011, bringing their music to a bigger fan base.

    Alongside their music, Dada Life also created an audio plug-in called “The Sausage Fattener” which was intended to allow budding producers to emulate their own “sausage fat” bass sound.

    Their second full length, 2012’s “The Rules of Dada” reached number one on the Itunes Dance Charts, entering the top 10 in Canada. In 2011, the duo were voted #24 in DJ Magazine’s annual poll.

    Dada Life have an ambition to create a new nation called “Dada Land” to any territory holding a Dada Compound event. However, the United Nations refused this request, which has resulted in visa issues and being barred from boarding flights.

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