Cursive Tour 2022

Cursive Tour 2022 : Cursive concert tickets are on sale. You can find the list of Cursive 2022 tour dates on this site. Cursive (formed in 1995) is an American four piece indie-rock and post-hardcore band hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, in the U.S.

Formed of members Tim Kasher, Matt Magian and Steve Pederson in 1995, the members were previously in the band Slow Virginia, before experimenting with a more varied sound. The band’s debut the “Disruption 7”” was released on a friend’s label Saddle Creek followed shortly after by “Sucker and Dry 7”” on the label Zero Hour. Despite not producing a huge critical buzz, the releases highlighted the strong and emotive lyrics of the group with Kasher’s powerfully fervent voice.

The band’s 1997 debut album titled “Such Blinding Stars for Starving Eyes” released as a split deal between Crank! A Record Company and New York’s Interplanetary Truckers Union, did however cause a stir; the album received more than laudable acclaim and the band were now a recognisable act.

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    After a subsequent tour until 1998, Cursive released another 7” entitled “Disruption” and a split 10” with Austin, Texas, U.S. band Silver Scooter. The band’s follow up album “The Storms of Early Summer: Semantics of Song” took the band in a more emo-inspired lyrical direction, introducing concepts of fragility, the incompetence of words to describe feelings, and using self-depreciating humour.

    Soon after to many fan’s despair, Cursive disbanded to work on other creative interests including the bands Commander Venus and Bright Eyes. The hiatus led to a period of introspection and the band re-formed to produce “Domestica” in June 2000. Like its predecessor, the LP was a concept album describing the ultimate emotional and physical downfall of a domestic couple, notably lead singer Kasher’s, full of sporadic and limping rhythms.

    Pederson departed from the group to continue his education and made way for Ted Stevens formerly of Lullaby for the Working Class and around the same time saw the arrival of Gretta Cohn on cello.

    Lead singer Kasher released his solo debut album “Novena on a Nocturn” under the moniker the Good Life in 2001, the same year marked Cursive’s follow up EP “Burst and Bloom”. Cursive’s two subsequent continued the emotively conceptual trends of their earlier releases. 2003’s “The Ugly Organ” describes hollow sexual encounters using unpredictable rhythm and bat out of hell guitar, and “Happy Hollow” in 2006 explore religious inconsistencies in a fictional Western town.

    Since then the band has released “Mama, I’m Swollen in 2009, and the much heavier “I Am Gemini” in 2012, produced by Mastodon and Isis producer Matt Bayles.

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