Coheed and Cambria Tour 2022

Coheed and Cambria Tour 2022 :Coheed And Cambria are gearing up for their massive S.S. Neverender cruise this October, but first, they just made a huge announcement. Before setting sail, Coheed And Cambria are hitting the road for forty-plus dates on the Neverender NWFT tour 2020.

The band will perform their fourth studio album Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume II: No World For Tomorrow in its entirety, as well as classic hits from their whole discography.

Coheed and Cambria Tour 2022


    Coheed and Cambria were formed in 2001 and their debut album, The Second Stage Turbine Blade, was released in the spring of 2002. That album was acclaimed by critics for its unusual melodies, lyrical content and refreshingly new concept. 

    The Colour Before the Sunis the eighth studio album from these progressive post-hardcore visionaries. It finally sends this band of space cadets crashing down to Earth. After traversing the outer limits of science fiction over seven acclaimed albums and more than 20 comic books, founder and songwriter Claudio Sanchez is ready to explore his emotions nakedly, plainly and unabashedly. No conceptual framework, no galaxy of characters, no seven-minute epics, no places for the band, as he quips, to “put a laser beam on it.”

    “I kind of want people to know that Coheed can write that sort of record,” says Sanchez. “I’ve always said in the past that there’s never been a limitation on the band. It makes no sense to me to draw a line in the sand and never cross it.”

    While the most conceptually abstruse Coheed and Cambria records have always had a foundation in reality, The Colour Before the Sunmarks the first time Sanchez is exposing his raw feelings, narrated from his own perspective – the anxiety of fatherhood, the disorienting feeling of losing a home, the reflections had during early morning walks. His own story is told through big, bright, driving, colorful songs that beam like power-pop, crunch like vintage ’90s emocore and float with the expansive feel of space-rock.

    Recorded by Grammy-nominated producer Jay Joyce (Cage the Elephant, Eric Church) at Nashville’s Neon Cross Studios, The Colour Before the Sun also marks the first time Coheed and Cambria ever recorded their music live in the studio – Sanchez playing alongside guitarist Travis Stever, drummer Josh Eppard and bass player Zach Cooper with minimal overdubs.

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