Bleachers Tour 2022

Bleachers Tour 2022: Jack Antonoff, the talented singer/songwriter and guitarist found fame with pop group Fun and is credited as a co-writer of one of the band’s most successful singles ‘We Are Young’. He has also written music for pop heavyweights including Taylor Swift and Christina Perri. Whilst on the road with Fun, Antonoff found an outlet for his creative urges whilst travelling from city to city in Bleachers. His side project remained unknown until February 2014 when he released the single ‘I Wanna Get Better’.

Bleachers Tour 2022

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    Although Bleachers only recently found their way into the public eye, their infectious melodies and truly impressive live show are tempting music fans of all generations to don the sweatbands and leg warmers characteristic of the iconic time the band represents: a near revival of sorts. At the helm is fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff: deer-in-the-headlights turned rockstar, whose 80s hipster persona and unusual presence lend themselves to the palpable happiness felt by everyone in attendance. The real highlights of any Bleachers show, however, are the live renditions of “I Wanna Get Better,” “Rollercoaster,” “Shadow,” and other crowd favorites, which feature melodies that are simply begging to be shouted without any regard for auditory well-being.

    Bleachers is unique among its counterparts in that it boasts two drummers that, when paired with the band’s signature synthesized pop rhythms, create a fuller sound and more intense live experience. Each blistering guitar solo leaves Antonoff in some transient state of bliss achievable only through true musicianship, and the performance is truly captivating. Within minutes, Jack’s taken off his first layer of clothing, sweat is flying, and he’s replaced his initial reserved demeanor with one of confidence and passion.

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